Meet the Cast: THERAPY

August 10, 2012

THERAPY, a new musical

Adam Rhys-Davies –  The Therapist

Adam trained at London School of Musical Theatre graduating with a distinction. Credits include John in John and Jen (Landor Theatre), Michael in Tick, Tick Boom! (Union Theatre), Edward in When Midnight Strikes (Finborough Theatre) and Peter in Pinkalicious (Waterloo East Theatre). He also has performed in runs of Newsrevue and founded the Invention Cycle, a comedy improv show which has performed across London. He is also thrilled to be part of The Improvised Musical performing at C Main every evening. He is represented by Ben Wright Management.


Chris Cowley - The Patient

Chris has just finished his 2nd year of the BA Musical Theatre course at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Having had singing lessons since the age of six Chris spent most of his childhood singing in a church choir, but later discovered his love of musical theatre. After leaving college, he was accepted onto the Musical Theatre course at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. During his studies has performed for Children in Need, Tonight’s the Night and the Olivier Awards. Post fringe Chris will return to his final year at the RCS with roles in Little Shop of Horrors, Carousel and Spring Awakening.


Alexander Wright - Writer

 Alexander is Creative Director of The Flanagan Collective and Co-Artistic Director of Belt Up Theatre. His writing for Belt Up includes The Boy James & Antigone; and William & A Christmas Carol for Flanagan. He has worked with York Theatre Royal on Peter Pan & Forty Years On and is currently Associate Director for York Mystery Plays 2012 with York Theatre Royal, Riding Lights Theatre & York Museums Trust. He has recently directed Hot, a new cabaret show with the international award winning cabaret artist, Damsel Sophie.


Gavin Whitworth  - Composer & Piano

Gavin, a recent graduate of the MA program at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, is a keen Edinburgh Fringe goer. Over the last 5 years he has been musical director for a range of shows including The Improvised Musical, Clinton: The Musical, and Wasted Love. In 2011 his first full length musical was premiered: Some Small Love Story, written with Alexander Wright. Gavin is delighted to have partnered Alex once again to create Therapy. Both musicals are at CNova as part of #LittleFest.


Michael Slater - Creator 

Michael is Creative Director of No Shoes Theatre. Michael founded No Shoes Theatre with Gavin Whitworth in early 2009 and this is their fourth year working together to bring shows to the Fringe. They will soon be bringing their innovative productions to London. Michael has been collaborating with Alexander Wright and Gavin Whitworth for many years and Therapy is a product of this relationship. Michael has performed in The Improvised Musical since 2009 but this August is working for a tech startup in Covent Garden.


Bracken Burns - Director

Bracken completed her MA in musical theatre at The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. Originally from Canada, Bracken is first and foremost a performer but has directed for Peace Players, Carriage House Theatre and Brush Stroke Theatre. Her first appearance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, was with two companies both of which now hold Festival Awards. Wasted Love (One Academy Productions), that was nominated for 4 MTM awards and The Improvised Musical (No Shoes Theatre). Bracken is glad to be back as part of The Improvised Musical this year.


Chelsea Preston - Technical Stage Manager

Chelsea graduated with distinction from the 2010 Theatre Arts Program at Grant MacEwan University. Selected theatre credits include: Chicago and The Wedding Singer (Mayfield Theatre), performed and choreographed The Hoof and Mouth Advantage (Teatro La Quindicina), Bells Are Ringing (Plain Jane Theatre), and Kafka’s Metamorphosis (Selchie Theatre). Chelsea has also taken part in the worlds longest impro show – the 53 -hour Soapathon in Edmonton, Canada. This is Chelsea’s first time as technical stage manager and is so thrilled to be working with No Shoes Theatre

Meet The Cast: Adam Rhys-Davies

August 7, 2012

Adam trained at the London School of Musical Theatre graduating with a distinction. Credits include John in John and Jen (Landor Theatre), Michael in tick,tick Boom! (Union Theatre), Edward in When Midnight Strikes (Finborough Theatre) and Peter in Pinkalicious (Waterloo East Theatre). He also has performed in runs of Newsrevue and founded the Invention Cycle, a comedy impro show which has performed across London. He is also thrilled to be part of The Improvised Musical performing at C Main every evening. He is represented by Ben Wright Management. Adam has a huge passion for german accents.


Meet The Gang: Nic Lamont

August 2, 2012

Nic trained in Acting and Music Theatre at the Central School of Speech and Drama.  Previous theatre/film work includes ‘The Tartuffe’ (York Theatre Royal, Belt Up Theatre), ‘The Tempest’ (RSC Gardens, Belt Up Theatre), ‘Mini Play Fest’ (Hen & Chickens Theatre, CAS) and ‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change’ (Drama Barn York, No Shoes Theatre), ‘Alien: The Easter Edition’ (YouTube viral, Fuzzy Head Ltd), ‘Secret Cinema: Prometheus’ (London, Future Cinema) and Lee Nelson’s BBC3 comedy.

You may have also caught a glimpse of her bopping about in the Olympic Opening Ceremony!

Becoming a bit of an improv junkie, she previously performed in No Shoes Theatre’s 2009 & 2011 runs of ‘The Improvised Musical’ and with comedy improv troupe The Invention Cycle (Landor Theatre). In September she will tour with Improv company Fluxx in their show ‘Without Planning Permission’.

Nic is 1/4 Romany Transylvanian & in The Improvised Musical feels drawn to playing bloodthirsty characters with psychic powers…

Meet The Gang: Buzz Lorenzen

August 2, 2012

Born in the ice and snow of the deep Canadian north, front man of Canadian sci-fi band Ephemera, Buzz Lorenzen joins the fabulous cast of no shoes theatre’s improvised musical to rock the Edinburgh fringe and bring a unique humor.

A Day of Therapy

August 2, 2012

Take an inside look at a day of rehearsals for No Shoes Theatre’s New Musical, Therapy.

We’re doing a musical!

Fellas be acting.

Ms. Director.

We’re all getting very excited for this Thursday’s opening night/premiere performance of Therapy. The boys and girls are doing such an amazing job.

Nic's Corner: 'Vomtastic'

July 30, 2012

Me and my buddy Nicky outside the stadium.

Hello folks! It’s Nic Lamont here – you may remember me doing deranged characters with annoying accents last year, or from the original 2009 No Shoes line up. If you’re new to us, nice to meet you! What a week I have had, dear reader! On Friday I was shaking some sequins in the Olympic Opening Ceremony and on Saturday morning I was on a train to Edinburgh!
We had been rehearsing for the Ceremony since April devoting long rehearsals to the choreography & blocking (I was in the 60’s club section of ‘Frankie & June say Thanks Tim’). On Friday – everything was ready- I had grown the required muscle memory and could do the dance moves in my sleep (a relief as anyone who knows me will tell you how much I moan about my two left feet!). We had been prepping our hair, make-up and costumes from 2pm to perform at 9.57pm. I knew the blocking. We had rehearsed a hundred times. I knew my entrance and exit. Nothing could shake me.
We were finally lead from our cast holding area to the stadium. Our entrance was from Vom 1 (short for ‘vomitorium’ – entrance areas that the ancient romans built into their amphitheatres). As we were walking up, I caught sight of the audience, a gigantic wall of faces stretching up so high that we couldn’t even see the sky. My stomach suddenly did a somersault. Some useful person next to me commented: ‘I can’t believe we’ll be watched by 1 billion people AND the Queen.’ My stomach turned into a washing machine.
I don’t normally get bad nerves… having been working as an actor professionally for about 2 years now, nerves are ususally more an exhilarating buzz that don’t affect me physically. But here I was about to run onto the stage feeling as though I might vom in my vom.
I tried to remember the last time I felt this way… ah yes… that’s it. The very first Improvised Musical that No Shoes ever performed. Back in 2009, we were putting on a production of ‘I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change’ at the University of York. Michael had convinced the cast (with much persuasion) that to advertise the show, we should perform an improvised musical – he had been inspired by other shows of the genre he’d seen, particularly the American company, One Night Stand (who sadly no longer frequent the fringe). I hadn’t done much improv before – I had no idea if I would be able to improvise characters and storylines, let alone lyrics of songs. We practiced hard for about 3 days. Although the audience was small (in the 50 seater Drama Barn) and made up mainly of our Uni friends, I was really feeling the pressure. I was waiting in the wings and peeped out at the audience. My stomach lurched and I had to make a run for the nearest sink. Vomtastic.
After that, the improv musical was actually fine! I hit my first rhyme in a song and got a nice laugh and immediately felt better… by the end I didn’t want to leave the stage!
So, there I was waiting in vom 1 on Friday, imagining the YouTube sensation I’d become if I was sick on live world-wide television. But after remembering how well that improv show went, I took a deep breath, swallowed my pride (and upchuck reflex) and ran out onto that stage to have a ball. It was over far too quickly.
I got my train home, buzzing on adrenaline. Some of the other volunteer performers would be going back to their day jobs in offices and banks and schools. I’m so lucky. I’m going to perform for a month for you lot! Vom not included :-)

We're Here!

July 29, 2012

That’s right folks, most of the gang has arrived in Edinburgh, we’re just waiting on a few more pirates!

We have a full day of rehearsals tomorrow to squeeze in some last minute awesomeness. Get ready to know the gang from No Shoes Theatre like never before with video blog interviews heading your way.

Chris, Gavin, Buzz, Adam and Bracken from No Shoes Theatre.



No Shoes Theatre

3 To See

July 29, 2012

ThreeWeeksEdinburgh has included our non-improv show ‘Therapy’ C Nova in their 3 new musicals to see at EdFringe. Here’s our bit from the article!


• • •


Now let’s get this straight, I did not choose this because I need therapy. Not that there’s anything wrong with therapy of course. In fact, I probably will need it once the Fringe finishes, because I’ll undoubtedly be suffering from severe stress issues. Anyway, I chose this show because it’s from the team who brought us ‘The Improvised Musical’, who are really rather good. This, I should point out, is not at all improvised, and is a very serious piece, by the sound of it … beautiful and brutal, according to the blurb.
Therapy, C nova, 2-27 Aug (not 13), 9.00pm, fpp248.

By Caro Moses

 • • •


Check out the full article here and book soon!


No Shoes Theatre

Get ready folks...

July 21, 2012

Hello everybody and welcome to the New No Shoes Theatre Blog!

I hope everyone is getting very excited for the upcoming Edinburgh Fringe! We’ve got lots of exciting blog/vlog series coming your way! This fringe you will get to know the No Shoes Theatre gang like never before!

Start stretching your funny muscles and be prepared to laugh your pants off!

Here’s a little warm-up video. Check out this hilarious clip from The Improvised Musical from our very first year at the Fringe.



No Shoes Theatre

A blast from the past

July 20, 2012

This was our very first song of the 2011 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. This year we’re back with some great new cast members and some familiar faces. This is just a taster. As we approach the first performance this year (August 1st) we’ll post some videos from last year that you may have missed… Stay tuned! And while you’re waiting there’s already lots to see from previous years over at our youtube channel.